Spirit Democracy but Bewilderment of Student’s Al-Amien

At 9th of April, 2009 the Indonesian country had done democracy party in cities and corner villages on entire of Indonesian, and also  it doesn’t take a part from kind of Islamic boarding school had done celebration, include in al-Amien Islamic boarding school to take part a participation in executing democracy too.

In executing celebration above, most of students Al-Amien to take a part in transmitting their voice for the sake of together in election a leader ideal fully, large knowledge, good beheaver and deepen religion science,(Mutfaqquh Fid-Dien) excellently,  but in the middle business in electing, most of students Islamic boarding school bewilderment to chose one candidate of legislative above, caused one of other thing namely:

  1. Most of students didn’t know the candidate of legislative, they knew only via any kind of media had been used for campaign without directly see who has relation.
  2. No one the candidate of legislative to drop  directly in the middle of students Al-Amien to campaign
  3. No one being partial supported by Islamic boarding school in election  candidate of legislative, those all caused of Al-Amien Islamic boarding school hold on its motto namely ”al-Amien Islamic boarding school stand up on and for entire cycle” so that the entire right of elected depend on them who have relation.

But more bewilderment for them in election of legislative at DPRD east java, which they were only to parade their pictures without being followed by their party, this is really   bewilderment in count of during this time is not information and campaign who have connection above, this thing so compassion for elector  of legislative now days




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