Figure: Have self confidence to reach your dream in English with Mr. Suriyadi WZ

Learning everything will give some advantages for ourselves weather from small thing or big thing those all bring advantages, as we knew that English language as the important language which used in all over the world, there are many people want to be clever and mastering English but most of them are in wrong way to get it in themselves. With English someone will be popular one than other because English as important skill which able to make someone popular, do you know why…? Of course you do because this language placed the important part in this world everyone who wants to hold this world must understand English well,

English is like game which need our attention than other and also need our affection to keep this language in our hand, actually in this page you will find an English figure which can motivate your own self, sometime we need figure to be our target to cheat what the figure has, this person being popular in English atmosphere, he was the active teacher which really wants to make his student love English as himself did, his name really popular for over English teacher in east java, one thing which make Zeal crews interested to take this person as zeal figure, because he was last chief of Zeal magazine, absolutely there are many reasons why we fond of this person as our figure today, and we believe that almost of you have known who is he..? He was our last English teacher which already brought and given best dedication for English development for this beloved campus he was Mr. Suriyadi Wz the English activator along his life moreover along his dedication in boarding school, when Zeal crews interviewed himself during his visit to this campus last time ago.

If we ask himself how to learn English he will his answer is convince yourself first that you can master of this foreign language, why we should believe our selves first..? Because self confident is important basic before starting works, English language like work which need our attention more to reach it, English was his habit since he learnt it in this boarding school, actually when he shared his experience since learning English we find something quite funny from his learning, memorize some vocabularies one of his hobbies to reach his dream in English, Mr., Suriyadi ever said that having enough vocabularies in our mind as first basic to master it, means that we must have enough vocabularies which easier to use, there are many learners of English which wonder and confuse about their English ability although they really have enough vocabularies in their mind but they can’t use it in their daily activities. But for Mr. Suriyadi Wz was quite different for himself he fond of memorizing vocabularies to enlarge his vocabularies.

During his learning there are many experiences and achievements that he reached along he was learning English language. For example; he is an English language motivator in this boarding school and also he is an important one in pioneer English club, why! Because he has been success to educate his members for always developing their English skill, but beside these achievements, Mr.suryadi WZ has followed many kinds of competitions, which those competitions he could be a famous one around his friends either in this boarding school or in outside, absolutely there are many experiences that really meaningful for his self and we can take advantages from his experience here are some of his achievement:

  • The first winner of writing competition at Malang university
  • As kangguru Magazine editor and coordinator for KGCC club at Madura
  • The chief of Organtri ISMI
  • As Indonesia delegation for south Asia English conference, on the theme “ how to have great way in learning English and creating student easy and love English almost “
  • As coordinator of Lapis (language development for Islamic boarding school)2009-2010

Retold By: Nurhaidi Language activator


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