Leader may made up matter the usual, but how we lead for than difficult what else we are a youth ,the still need leadership from another more old than we .Become a leader difficult too, and now how we leading the leaders

Now a days no wrong if we have thought for become a leader ,kind small, young ,young although the oldest important, we have wish for become a leader .To us people saw leader a state or a only position. Finally allow all the methods for to a leader, certainly we remember the big history A. Hitler to as superpower  in Germany country didn’t care with groups lace story and populace hurt  by that desire but more important Arya group and do heart  up, on the contrary with we live historian Soe Hok Gie a youth is very  care with condition around circles ,care will children education , he fight for him country .What still a youth same thought ,like soe hok gie, care with around circles ?

The youth is agent of   change , where a  leader s many have opportunity  for better than  .And in dace  all person is leaders, in fact a people by self must can leader by self ,awareness  always result person  us not expand science leadership qualities.

Saying Allah SWT God’s “and at the time your God saying to angel; “I will worsen leader in eart’s surface…” (Al-Baqoroh :30) . So the leader is potention  adhere in teak self human being , but only suspended from human  being methods by self for establish self is leader in them life.

But saw reality , now a youth lean to westbound, because a youth felt  enjoy when in the for club , to climb top , shopping and another job . Now a days a youth is very lazy for sit and discus about problem nationalism , very be different   with last days, very enthusiastic with naturalism problem., like this a youth country is agent of change or said add administration politic filter.

Shape a youth   leader is shape a youth can leadership by self and he has sense of responsibility and don’t forget he has thought how can you lead other human, if you can not lead you self. With methods:

We need the power of communication that:

  • The power of simplicity
  • The power of similarity
  • The power of sincerity
  • The power of service

After that how we become leading the leaders, what else we a youth , for become leading the leaders, certainly we must have principle , said Stephen  R. Covey characteristic a youth leader principle is “they don’t feel built up when discover the weaknesses, but they realize that behavior and potential are two different things, they believe in the unseen  potential of all people .They feel grateful for their blessing an feel naturally to compassionately forgive and forget the offenses of other , they don’t carry grudges , they refuse to label other people , to stereotype , categorize , and prejudice ,rather they see the oak tree in the a corn and understand the process of helping the a corn become a great oak.

So the key for become a youth leading the leader like:

  • Faith
  • The holy qur’an as compass
  • Stand but the mean other stand are consiousnes
  • Speak the mean commitment about religion proselytizing
  • The last have  something is certain Islamic bound relationship

And let the leader like Muhammad prophet peace be Upon you like said Michael Hart “ Muhammad prophet  not only religion leader but too world leader because he is beloved leader , belief leader , guide , individuality leader and eternal leader.

issued By: ach. Maghrobi


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