General election 2009 : A new hope for our nation’s development

What do we know about democracy? Does a democracy mean that people must be tolerant with others? Does it mean president that president must be elected directly by people? Should a democracy refer to liberalism? We just get started to learn democracy when we carried the 2004 general election. We have just learned democracy when the press freedom was empowered. We just have learned democracy when the people cannot easily inform what they have in their mind and what they felt. But we are still too young to be as democratic country. See what is going on with our president now, when she is unlikely to listen to her people. When she just travelling over the world leaving her people in misery, when she lets the corruptor be free, see what’s happening to our farmers who can’t to sell their harvest at the human price. So it is true what poet WS Rendra said. Indonesia has not reached its independence yet. People are still kept shut students still get down the streets to air their demands, instead of sending a letter to the house. They yell out reformation and carry out “demonstration” but they make the people uneasy, afraid and worry because in spite of the demonstration they also destroy building, burn the car, plunder, the shops and cause the traffic jam. Can we call the country democratic when many people still murmuring about government in the food stall in the office, in the street? We do hope by 2009 general election we will understand the real meaning of democracy and we could make this country become a real democratic country.

It’s second general election which president and vice president directly chosen by people after the first election which already declared in 2004, here people really have chance to determine and select the candidate of our government up the election of president in the next July, this party was meaningful and quite different than ten years ago which our government and our president chosen by parliament according with the mount of people which delegated from the party for example how many persons the member of PDIP, DEMOKRAT, and other this had happened a long time ago where people didn’t have chance to determine their choice and to think whom are suitable to be leader which can do everything for society , from this general election people get free, enjoy and have the chance to determine their choice, moreover society must have good understanding in determining their choice because our choice will determine this country four years toward if we have good choice mean we support this country to be the real country which government and president really do their dedication as vice of society and give the best for this country, let we remember our nation today which really need care leader and this party as way to determine whom are able to overcome crisis  of this country and leader who are able to make this country better than before this hope will not come true if society don’t have any attention,

On the other hand how if our societies don’t have any care to support this country to be democratic country which all government have care with all the hearth (Peduli Sepenuh Hati) mean government really want to dedicate their self for this nation, but what is going on with this nation for next? If societies don’t use this moment to select the ideal leader which can dedicate their dedication for society only, they can put society necessary on themselves ‘need, they should not think how to get wealth for their self and their party which took them to the parliament, moreover they fall into corruption because they don’t think society more.

So we as youth of this nation and student, we should support this general election, actually student play an important role in raising awareness of political issues and we are often the training ground for many a budding politician or political activist. Student organization (OSIS)or in our beloved campus we have TarbIyatul Muallimin’ Students Association(ISMI) is one of organization level for senior high school level, and then we knew the University student executive board as organization(Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa) level which taken by university student level, those  were founded to contribute student ability for leadership both of them are field of politic to exercise students ability and also to try how to be good leader because our young generation will change the old leader, we knew that from many shapes of student organizations in the school those all instead of young generation preparation how to make themselves able to be good leader. Therefore the writer really pity on youth life today because most of them still don’t understand that themselves are nation’s generation for example when general election’s committee held general election for this year most of whose age are have chance to contribute their voices for determining our government in the next future .

Issued By: Zainuddin Elyzein as Chief of Zeal Magazine


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