Young President Generation, Why Not?


To be president identical by old person, many country in the world had been president from old generation but so rare from young generation. What wrong if a young generation to be a president? The publics have argument that young generation didn’t have much experience to lead one country. Let we are flashback, so many our hero came from young generation; like See Hok Gie, Sayuti Melik, RA. Kartini etc. so why in present youth just become a prater of key government in the middle way? Why if youth totally practice to the all movement political? A youth as element of nation have some responsibility with old generation.  So  that a young generation must be a leader especially to be a president.

Many positive points that have within  youth. The first point is youth have high progressivity because age factor and self motivation still balance and increasing. It makes young generation can work totally and productive, and will be suitable with a condition who need change, many challenge if we look to modern contexts that a leader not only coordinator, director, counselor or responsible, but the leader too, must be implementer, the mean that modern leader have to understand problem of public with detail. The second point, that youth have many brilliants and original idea to increase one region to be best conducive and have good prospect for the future. A brilliant and original idea comes from a skill to look future, good planning and have main focus! It’s key to have a brilliant idea and the third point that young have high sensitivity. It is all of character from youth. It is no impossible that a young generation to be president!

Young generation has good quality and they are able to be a leader. Please give them the opportunity to be president for showing their ability to public. That young generation can lead our country better than old generation!

“Dedicate to all young generation in our country, cheer up Indonesian youth”

The fourth semester in ushuluddin faculty of IDIA


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