Love and affection for young is placed so high and valued so much that it is recorded in history that a certain governor wanted to appoint an official. Various candidates came to the job. This was one dressed nicely. While being interviewed a child came and sat on his lap. He rebuked him for spoiling his clothes. Another candidate, also well dressed, has the same experience, but he didn’t rebuke. Instead he engaged the child in friendly talk without caring for his clothes. He was selected, the governor explained that a person who cannot love young and show mercy to them, could not be expected to love and show mercy to people under him.

Young face challenge through different stages of growing up. the problem that young face in the society of which they are the youngest and most vulnerable members. it is not exaggeration to say that the principles that Islam has laid down for the treatment of young are all-encompassing and sublime. One of the highlights, which is not brought into proper focus is the high regard and respect for all aspect of young social, psychological, and educational. this begin with respect in general, holding them in high esteem, never belittling them ,strengthening their confidence in themselves ,thus instilling in them the value of respect due to all human being ,no matter what their age, gender, or status in life.

care for young Islam begins even before they are born ,it is for is reason that embryos can not be aborted or harmed in any ways ,the holy Qur’an is very specific on how they young should be treated various stages of their lives  from birth and sucking to their adulthood .Allah said in his holy book “the mother shall gives suck to their offspring for two whole years” (Qur’an :233)and he also said “god(thus) direct you as regards your children’s in heritance .…..(Qur’an :11)

according to researcher ,the mother –child bond, that first human tie to love and kindness, plays and important role in determining who child becomes as one of the means of attaining happiness s ,well being and growth at home ,is kindness between the parents and the children .during the first year ,all attachment is formed between the baby and the primary caregiver ,usually the mother. What psychological call the best secure attachment stems from responding to the infant in a satisfying manner, being in tone with he is needs. According to researches, it is the foundation of good psychological and social development saving positive expectation about the world and relationship. an insecure attachment can be a risk factor for later behaviour problems such as aggression, filling of anger, anxiety and lack of empathy of others it sets the stets for a view of the ward as not any place, a place one cannot count on anybody. The father is also an important attachment. Taking change of children and bringing them up as goods, useful citizens, is considered a highly rewarding act in is law. As we know on the judgment day which individual will stand trembling in fear in front of Allah, an standing behind him will his progeny. His prayer and afford in live Soult therefore be for the rearing of young in the like of the holy Qur’an and the sharia..

Islam provides a complete system of childcare, ensuring their rights in all stages of life –feeding, nursing education, and inheriting their parents ‘legacies a life positive religion that Islam is! Principles, teach intrinsic value behaviours scientific studies and researches, not only case of childcare but in other aspect as well and respect of humanity and the universe at large. the moral in proactive for any society surely is to do the best can is in response to its own unique condition, doing better than other societies that are less well pleased is not good cause forcomplacendi the comparison that matter are between how things are for own children and how they could by. Why we make choose comparison the moral high ground crumbles beniet us, because our society couth do so much better for children that it does any society can do better by and standing and following the principles and practices of child care as expounded by Islam.

Young are nation wealth. To days youth tomorrow’s leaders. the more attention paid to their nor Turing, education and well being, the better they stand to tround doutd useful adults but every year, the report on the state of sport children make disturbing reading and points to bleak to today cases of children abuse, neglect  and elect, Arno uncommon. The fret of to see bround in refuge cams can only be imagined with horror Moslem parents, everywhere in the word a facet with the challenges of bringing up children in an age of a global culture, which characterized by concise, hedonism, and materialism. with the impeding confutation of contemporary live, so different from the period in which our own parents gay net their live experience, we must learn to make our own, why slowly, the liability, and Suring our children receive the love and proper direction that they need.

By: Faizul Muadzin (President of ISMI)


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