Ghufron Rofiq

The Indonesian government never give up to look for the ideal leader  to lead this country. Last time until now Indonesia cannot apart from any problems either economic or social problems  etc. The government always strives to find the ideal leader who  can renewal the condition of this country. Therefore the government always hold the general election of president (PEMILU ) every five years after general legislative election.

But to look for an ideal leader  apparently looks very difficult,  specially in this period because the candidates at the same olds. They always force their selves  to be next president of this country but in the fact they have not enough power and spirit to renewal  this condition of this country, where as they are many young generations who has more ready than them  to be leader in this country such as in physic, spirit, and new idea. We have known from the story of this country before that the president who has elected never came from young generation. Where as  if we look at the figure of Barrac Obama as the president of AS this period he is smarts   person, he has brilliant ideas, and very fantastic.

The question is now how about Indonesia? Does it never cross in our mind?  Indonesia is one of many countries which proud by a result that  as the new president of AS because Barac Obama ever stayed in one of countryside in this country (menteng village). But those all just conversations. Indonesian would never get a leader like him. Which he was forty seven years old. He can be a

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