Human Being and Earth

Aziz Al-Ghaffar

The life  which never escape of social, in fact it’s aright, social not only for human being to human being but also from a human being to other human being, such as human being and earth, human being and nature, human being and animal, human being and plants etc. which it is problem here between human being and earth or nature, which human being is ver y need the earth or nature and can’t survive without earth and nature, whereas earth and nature can survive without human being, here is the thing that never  be thought by human being , Therefore don’t suspicious  if human being unrealized  on their  life were coming from earth and nature, coz the earth is the second necessity  after the sun for human being, so that human  being is rather like the earth because they don’t realize, how  important the earth and nature for human being!

While the unrealized of human being so that they do depend on their wish to earth and nature. Such as a wild cutting, doesn’t have a care on Greening, always make the pollution increased ,etc. which has made the earth be broken so, the earth would  be angry to us.

By that way, earth wouldn’t has any protect, coz it’s really need to the plant, and the plant also need an earth, and if both of them are not equivalent, by the human hand so the life between earth and nature will be broken, that would cause  disasters without on purpose, such as an earth quake, storm, flood, tsunami, slide of hill etc.

And now we have to think! How could we balance between Human being, earth and nature, while human being is difficult in control their selves, and always act as their want without thinking a badness and benefit that could be caused from their random actions.  And starting from this time, let’s change our earth to avoid from the disaster which always  come suddenly. (Sedia Payung sebelum Hujan)

Aziz Al-Ghaffar student of Al-Amien from Bondowoso


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