Destiny Choice

The heat intensity of the sun was increased my trouble, when I was hearing everything of Eva’s voice.

“I am sorry Izul, we must select the way today,” Eva said softly “it’s okay, if it’s something that you want,” I said reluctantly. Actually, I was very suppressed to hear her speaking, but I think it is better to hide it in front of her, “Izul, I am sorry if my words hurt you,” she continued, “I don’t think so,” I lied “Izul, come on quickly, I’m waiting for you!” Uril shouted, “is it enough Eva, don’t you want to talk more? If nothing I’ll go now, I just take a pity to Uril, she has been waiting me for a long time, Eva just keep silent without a word, “ok, l will go Eva, see you later,” I run away to come closer Uril, but suddenly I hear someone calls me, “Izul, Wait a moment please!” Eva shouted, makes me surprised and stopped my walking, and then I turn around with my sweet smile, whereas in the reality I want to cry.

“What is going on Eva? I hope you will not angry to me,” I said hesitantly, “would you like to make friend with me again?” she requested softly. “hem” I nodded my head while walking back toward Uril.

“What were you talking about with Eva, why it was taken a long time?” Uril asked, “Nothing” I replied, “But, what was going on with you? Why do you cry? Zul, don’t tell me lie, I’ve been your friend since ago, so I really understand you” he said.

“Really Uril, no wrongs with me” I try to convince him, “oh, I know, I must call Eva for you now,” he remarked, “don’t call her please, let’s go, let’s go home now,” I insisted him.

Since my farewell with her, I lost my wonderful day, which full of laugh and joke many times, I tried to get my firmness, but on the reality, I often cry when I was being alone, moreover when I was seeing her picture.

“Zul, it’s really strange to see you alone on your Saturday night, won’t Eva makes a date with you?” my brother asked me when I was reading zeal magazine in the corridor, “she is busy with her jobs now,” I answer directly. “Busy? I don’t think so, previously Eva never like this, this is strange for me, actually what was going on with you? Say honestly Zul,” he forced me, “don’t ask me about her anymore, I would like to be alone now,” I explained. “Ok, I will not ask about her anymore but come inside please, it’s cool outside,” he told me while leaving me.

Oh my God…. I remember again some beautiful time with her, I remember that I never alone every Saturday night, he is always in side of me. Oh, Eva again, why I always think of her? Does she think of me? I doubt it.

I go to school this morning as usually, but I don’t find her beside me like before, I remember my sweet memory with her, usually she always accompany and pick up me to school every day, but it was lost from my life. “Izul, why do you always alone lately? What happen between you and Eva?” Uril asked suspiciously. “Not at all, she just has a lot of activity and I so pity to Eva if she must accompany and pick up me every day,” I told lie. “Oh… I see,” Linda said while we go to class. When the bell rung, we go out from the class, then we sit under a shady tree, I keep silent a moment. ”Zul, I want to introduce someone to you,” my brother said, he ordered me to get down from up stairs, and when I get down from stairs, I look at a beautiful girl, who is sitting on the sofa beside my brother.

“Is she your sister, lax? She is very beautiful, why do you never tell me that you have a beautiful sister?” a man praised suddenly, “Izul” I introduced myself while dragging out my hand toward her, “Linda” she replied while shake my hand.

Since that nice introduction, day by day I often together with Linda, he is a fine girl, a humorist too. Sometime I spent my day with her until he always accompany and pick up me to school.

“Lately, I never saw Eva again, I want to ask something about her, but…. why do you day dream? What are you thinking of?” Linda asked. “Eee… do you know Eva…? Are you Linda Zaskya?” I asked her back hesitantly.

“Yes I do, she is my neighbors, she always tells about you to me, but lately I was rather doubt to her, she told me lie about you, didn’t you have an affair with her anymore?” she explained to me, “yes, you’re right, by the way, don’t you know where is she now…?” I asked her again, “She stay in sehat sejahtera hospital now” she answered sadly, “in the hospital? What is wrong with her?” I shouted nervously, “Please, accompany me to go there now” I continued, “all right, I’ll be with you” Linda answered.

After coming to the hospital, I enter into Eva’s room, I see Eva lying on the bed, “Eva….” I call her name softly, “izul…izul…why do you come here?” she replayed my word, “Eva….” suddenly I cry to see her, I can’t go on my word, “I’m sorry Zul I don’t want to hurt your heart, but I don’t know what must I do…? I’m sorry I had broken our relation cause, I don’t want you to be disappointed,” suddenly she said like that to me.

“No Eva, you may not do it…!” I said. “But you must know about my real condition Zul.”

“Eva, do you still remember our promise that in happiness or difficulty we’ll always together?”

“Yes, I still remember that all, but its impossible Zul…, I can’t stand on this condition anymore, I feel that the time will appear in a moment”

“Eva, don’t say like that again…!”I try to calm down her

“Eva…” Linda said

“Yes sister.”

“Don’t say like that, you must know that Izul loves you so much, he want always be with you.”

“I understood sister.”

“But why Eva…?” Linda asked

“E… I need your help sister…” Eva said to Linda.

“Of course I ready, what is that Eva…?”

“I want you beside him, if I pass away,” she is in a gory and his word was not so clear

“You mean I must take care Izul, of course I’ll do it but don’t say like that you’ll be fine as soon as possible”

“Linda, please help me” she expected to Linda.

“No my sister, I think I must go now, I wish, you always happy in your days”

“Eva…!”I screamed unconsciously, and then I didn’t remember anything.

“Where is her, Da? I love her so much” Izul said.

“Calm down Izul, it’s okay let we pray may God receive her in his side” Linda said.

The next morning, I go to the uril’s home to invite him to go to Eva’s cemetery, “Uril, do you know about the sad news?” I asked him, “yes I know it Zul, but don’t be sad, you must be sedate, she had passed this world, let’s we go to her cemetery” Uril tried to lose my sadness, “I agree, let’s we go,” I replied. After arriving there, suddenly, I spill my tears out of my eyes, I can’t restrain my deep sadness, I aware that I lost her forever, and nothing is eternal, everything will be destroyed. “Sometime we feel that something was very valuable for us when it was gone”

Faizul Muadzin N,Fs, Student of TMI Al-Amien Prenduan


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